“a minor” work of art

ImageMy strength is not in taking decent photos of my work. But here it is anyway. I’m probably not the only person who has a bajillion old CDs laying around. You know, mahjong games that won’t work on your machine, old printer drivers, disc after disc of crappy disposable camera pics from your wedding. Oh, well, that last one might just be me.

I may put some detail pics up later. I may do some aging on the piece later as well but I like it how it is for now. Just so you know, the top disc has the encyclopedia entry for “alto” on it. Because it’s at the top. I’m so clever ::chortle::  (hey Nicole! I stole your chortle!)


Abstract #13

Somebody may have been pumping crack smoke into the studio last night. Woke up with paint all over me, all over my phone and something that is either blood or one of my 4 glaze washes running down the wall. At knee level. And somehow I ended up with 9 layers of paint on a canvas. This might be the worst thing I’ve ever created.

Made a few modifications to the painting. Now I actually like it.


Abstract. It’s The New… Whatever

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been working on a gigantic portrait that I’m hoping to enter into a juried show. I think I spend more time looking at it than actually painting it.

I guess I needed a break from thinking about it so I decided to go abstract today. When I was finished, my husband asked me what it was. I said “It’s anything you want it to be”. I guess that’s the beauty of abstract design.



Diane Fraser Fine Art

Earlier this evening I went to a lecture/presentation hosted by Diane Fraser. She is a local artist here in Jacksonville and the presentation was held in her studio.

First of all… Jealous!!! What a fantastic studio she has. It’s in a building that I was always pretty intrigued by. She had paintings everywhere, even in the bathroom. Enough about that though. What I need to say is her work is FANTASTIC! Her use of light and representation of mass is mesmerizing. The photos here and on her page do no justice at all.